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UPDATE March 2020: Baruch Hashem we have moved into the upstairs Bais Medrash for all weekday Davening and Shiurim. Minyanim and Shiurim are being added on a daily basis and our Kehilla finally has a place of it's own.

Work is till needed to complete our downstairs lobby and Main Shul so we can move in completely. Please help us finish the job and have a part of this everlasting Z'chus of building a Makom Torah and Tefila!



On Lag Baomer 5779, after 10 months of intense fundraising, Bais Tefila of Inwood closed on the purchase of their new building! The response to the building campaign from within the community and beyond has been astonishing.

The new building along with a magnificent Simcha hall and spacious parking lot, will B'ezras Hashem accommodate the growing Inwood community now and in the future. Renovations are now underway to accommodate the needs of the Shul.

Please join this historic campaign to build the vibrant Torah community of Inwood and help us complete the final renovations and purchase of needed furniture.

There are many dedications still available. See below. Please email for more information or visit us at

Shul Name - $1,000,000

Building Name - $750,000

Main Shul - $500,000

Simcha Hall - $500,000

Ezras Nashim - Reserved

Bais Medrash - $250,000

Main Entrance - $250,000

Aron Kodesh - Reserved

Bima - Reserved

Amud - $100,000

Ner Tamid - Reserved

Rav's Office - $72,000

Kitchen - $72,000

Otzar Haseforim - Reserved

Paroches - Reserved

Aron Kodesh (Bais Medrash) - Reserved

Kisei Shel Eliyahu - Reserved

Yomim Noraim Paroches - $36,000

Washing Station - $36,000

Security System - Reserved

Coat Room - $25,000

Menorah - $18,000

Holocaust Memorial - Reserved

Yahrtzeit Board - Reserved

Rav's Shtender - Reserved

Rav's Chair - $18,000

Founder Plaque - $18,000

Visionary Plaque - $10,000

Pillar Plaque - $5,000

Builder Plaque - $3,600

Supporter Plaque - $1,800

Donor Plaque - $1,000

Please inquire for additional dedication opportunities.

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