Family in Crisis - Mother Hospitalized Severe Medical Condition

We have launched this campaign to raise money for a young family greatly in need of your help.

Just recently they were blessed with another child and just days after the birth, the mother was rushed to hospital with a severe medical emergency.

Over a month has passed and she unfortunately is unable to return home as her recovery is slow and very gradual. This leaves her husband to take on the full burden of the home in between hospital visits, while supporting his young children both emotionally and physically. He is unable to work due to the demands of his situation and is in need of our support.

We turn to you dear friends, to take a few minutes and donate whatever you can to this very worthy cause.

Help us raise the necessary funds to cover the familys basic living expenses enabling them to face the situation theyre currently in without the financial burden.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!
May we all be blessed with an abundance of goodness, health and happiness.

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