My wife is very ill ... My children are suffering. Please, help us to bring her to our son's chuppah!
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Hello, my name is Nosson. I live in Beit Shemesh with my wife and 7 kids.

### My wife is very sick with cancer. She suffers beyond belief, and it has been very, very difficult for the kids. Since she got sick I have left my job as a sofer to take care of her, and them.

### Because I am unable to work enough to support us, we have fallen into a very serious situation. My kids do not have many of the things that a kid must have to get by ... I have happily supported my family for years and it is extremely painful to not be able to provide them with what they need. My poor sweet children ...

### Now things have become extremely difficult: Our dear son is engaged to be married. Please, please - we have absolutely nothing. Help us to make this wedding and you should be blessed with health and parnassah. Help us to cover our most basic bills, to give some comfort to children who are going through more than a child should know.

### Thank you so much, and Hashem should bless you,

Nosson Breyer


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