Please help us bring our dear children home!
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We are reaching out to you dear sisters and brothers on behalf of our dear children. The children whom we brought into the world, whom we cuddled and held and the children we were hoping to raise as upstanding people and God fearing Jews. Yes, I said hoping, because unfortunately, our dear children were removed from our home by social services and put into foster care to be raised by others. By strangers, who will never be able to give them what their real parents, who truly love them, can. We have professional assessments stating that we, the parents are perfectly capable of raising our children in a safe, and loving home and that living with us does not pose any risk to their physical, mental or emotional health. Our private lawyers have examined our case from every possible angle and have concluded that we have a solid case with the circumstances pointing in our favor. They are very positive that there will be a positive outcome and are much invested in figuring out the legalities and bringing our children home. So with this, we implore you, dear sisters and brothers. Many of you are parents too. Imagine being torn away from them for an indefinite amount of time. It is one of the worst nightmares a parent can experience. Please help us bring our dear children home. The cost of the legal team is astronomical. They are asking for a lot of money in order to fight for us. Money which we unfortunately don’t have. So we will put our shame aside and ask you to please help us with whatever amount of money you can, and, God willing, you will allow us to be reunited with the children whom we love. In the zechus of helping return our children to us, may you be blessed with an abundance of nachas from your own children.

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