Father Suddenly Collapses
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Dear Fellow Yidden,

Just 2 short weeks ago I would have never dreamed how our family of 6 would look today. It was Erev Pesach when my dear father just collapsed without warning, bumped his head, and fell unconscious. He must have been utterly exhausted and full of stress holding down three jobs just to sustain our family. This is a nearly impossible task!
He is a very dedicated father and did anything to make sure my mother and my siblings have food on our table. Now who knows what will be! We currently have no income and my brothers and I have nothing to eat. Each day we rely upon a caring neighbor to give us whatever food they offer us. It is not enough to live from.
The future of my father is unknown. The doctors havent discovered what had caused him to collapse. All I hope for is for him to get better so that we can have a normal life once again.
Please help my family during this troubled time so we can make it through with dignity.

Thank You and May You be Blessed,
Ayala Koenig

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