Genetic Disease Claims The Life Of 6 Week Old Child
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Dear Friends, Just a year and a half ago my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We were on cloud nine and our hearts swelled with joy! At 6 weeks old my wife noticed our baby didnt look right. Chaya became very weak and wasnt able to use her limbs like she should. We were very worried. We went from doctor to doctor but they couldnt point a finger as to what was happening. Within a few short months our precious little baby was not here anymore. Our hearts were shattered!! We were confused and broken.

With much happiness we recently celebrated the birth of another child. She looked so pure and healthy and we were so thankful! Again though, when our baby was just a few weeks old her healthy began to deteriorate. This time we knew we could not wait to figure things out. We flew to Boston where the doctors discovered a genetic mutation as the cause. They were also able to treat the disease and stop the weakening of our childs body. The doctors informed us that any deterioration prior to her treatment is permanent. Therefore, we must give her the best medical care and therapy were able to so that she can gain the most quality of life. In addition, we will now need to get treatment so that this terrible disease doesnt steal another life.

All this is very expensive and our hard earned savings is already gone. Please open your hearts and give all you can so that another Jewish family can built a beautiful and healthy life together. In this merit may your children be healthy and may you know only joy. Thank You, Uri Katz

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