Mother's Brain Infection Due To Harsh Living ConditionsII
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Dear Fellow Yidden, Like many other poor families in Israel we rented a מחסן apartment (storage room) when we first got married. We were happy with the little we had and felt blessed with our growing family. A couple of years ago my wife contracted a serious brain infection due to the unhealthy ventilation of our home. Her eyesight began to fail and needed an emergency surgery. BH the doctors we able to save her eyesight and treat the infection. Unfortunately, once again the infection came back with a vengeance and the doctors are at a loss with how to deal with it. All day I am juggling the responsibilities of being a caring husband and tending to my large family. I obviously have no time at all to work and we are drowning financially. Between health care, tuitions, food, and the basic necessities of living we are covered with debt. PLEASE HELP MY STRUGGLING FAMILY! Without the generous help of KLAL YISROEL we would be completely lost. Please open your hearts and donate all you can so that my pure children and suffering wife can have their basics.

Thank You, Meir

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