I’m in Eretz Yisroel, Mitzva To Redeem Me From Under A Mountain Of Debt

Since my path had led me to become a student at Yeshiva University more than 25 years ago I have struggled to envision a good future for myself yet saddled with debts and then bi-polarness I have been unable to accomplish much. Having spun my wheels for more than a few years I have found myself with more debt ( $150k+ ) than before needing relief I have become a religious Jew again. I havent won the lottery and cannot count on becoming lucky. While lenders extended to much credit its my shortcoming also that I borrowed and didnt maintain my accounts. Managing month to month with debtors in my affairs has made it difficult for me to develop friendships and be a good family member. Helping me knock off my debts small and big alike will bring you blessing as go-d endeavors to redeem his people, individually and communally.

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