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Letters from both Chasan and Kallah, the first is last:



My name is Batya I was born in Cameroon in a religious Catholic family of 8 children, I am the youngest, when I was little growing up I wanted to be a nun, I was always searching for ways to come closer to God. when I was 17 I went to study in Tunisia from there I went to Canada. While in Canada, my Brother, who would always take care of me got ill. It was then that I went out to buy a Catholic Bible, started to read it every day hoping that this would help him heal quickly. the more I read the more I understood that something was wrong, it became clear that bowing to statues and crosses was not right and not what God wants from us. But what was the right thing, I really wanted to help my brother and to please God.

After that it was like my prayers were answered, I started meeting Jewish people everywhere, they answered my questions they had logic and gave me books to read. After reading the books and contemplating I really wanted to be part of the Truth, to be able to please God as much as possible. I did an orthodox conversion through the Beis Din of Montreal, a year after made Aliyah Baruch Hashem.

After a year and a half of looking and praying Hashem gave me the opportunity to get married. He is also a גר form the USA, we want to build a strong and holy bayit ne-eman. I am very happy I found a man who wants to dedicate himself to Torah learning in kollel after the wedding and working in the evenings.

Our families do not know how to appreciate our new lifestyles of being frum Jews and therefore are not helping us to start a new life.

I trust Hashem that he will send me good shelichim who will happily be like a new family for us. And for sure we will pray for you under the Chupa!

as it is written "אם אתה משמח את שלי אני משמח את שלך" "if you uplift (make happy) mine (widows, orphans, and gerim) I will uplift yours

we have scheduled the wedding for Lag BeOmer and do not have the money yet to book the hall. Thank you in advance.


Shalom uvracha.

I am a גר צדק of seven years, ב״ה living as an עבד השם שומר תורה ומצות. During these years Ive had the honor to live within a very righteous and religious קהילה in Boro Park, Brooklyn for the beginning stages of my new journey in life.

After much learning and daily devotion, I was given the זכות to come to live in ארץ הקודש, where I began searching for my זיווג. חסדי ה׳ עלי תמיד, I found a wonderful בת ישראל צדקת בת שרה אמנו. She is also a גיורת, from Similar to me since her conversion she does not have financial help from her family. we are alone trying to build a bies neeman be Yisrael.

I am working hard to support myself and soon my new family בעזרת השם. But due to the major expenses of a wedding and getting settled into a modest apartment, and no family to ask for some assistance I would like to give you the merit of giving to 2 גרים getting married.

Personally, I would like to thank you in advance for your generosity in helping build a בית נאמן בישראל.

בזכות קיום מצוות "ואהבת את הגר" תזכו לצלחה רבה, וברכות עד בלי די


Ezra Chaim Paneth

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