Struggling Yeshiva Bochur


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my story. I have been a baal teshuva for several years now and have now recently starting attending yeshiva for the first time as an older bochur. Unfortunately I haven't had much of a yeshivish upbring in my younger years which has brought me to attend yeshiva at this point in my life. Baruch Hashem, I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn but unfortunately it has become difficult in recent times due to financial burdens. I'm also in the process of dating as well. I currently have more than $35,000 in debt which I'm paying back on a monthly basis. My parents don't see the need for myself attending yeshiva and have continuously discouraged me from attending. It has become a constant struggle with my parents who continously berate me and insist that yiddishkeit is not important and that I should leave yeshiva.

With no financial support from my parents, my current dept, tuition expenses for attending yeshiva, dating expenses, as well as day to day expenses I'm asking for help. Anything would be greatly appreciated to ensure that I can continue learning at yeshiva; which is much needed.

Thank you

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