Shmily’s Sefer Torah

Dear friend,

We are writing to you with tears streaming down our faces. It has only been a few hours since we buried our dear friend Shmily and with it, been forced to face the new reality of a world without Shmily and his infectious smile.

Shmilys big heart was only rivaled by his passion and his love for helping a friend, or truly anyone, in need. His friendly demeanor was known to all and we are certain that his boundless kindness will be of great merit to his Neshama in heaven.

What we will always remember most is Shmilys positive energy and how no matter his situation, he would always greet friends with a warm, contagious smile that was joyful and pure.

In his unassuming style, Shmily once joked that if he ever dies, all he would want is a Sefer Torah written in his memory. There is unfortunately nothing we can do to save Shmily at this point but we CAN get together as friends and make sure that Shmilys life is remembered instead of his death.

We all get bombarded with links and requests, but we believe that granting our friends last wish and preserving his legacy is incumbent upon us at this time. Shmily was a symbol of Chesed throughout his life so its only fitting to get together and perform a Chesed Shel Emes on his behalf by honoring his wish and taking part in writing a Sefer Torah in memory of our departed friend שמואל פנחס ע״ה בן שלמה נ״י

May hashem grant us the strength to get through this tough time and may our efforts be of great merit to Shmilys Neshama in Gan Eden.

Yitzchok (Isaac) Fuchs, Moshie Miller, Ezra Goldberg & Shulim Reinhold

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