The Ilovitz Family of 7 Needs Our Help. Father is missing and the family home burnt down in the Israeli forest fires!
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Dear Acheinu Bnei Yisroel,

A father of 5 children, Moshe Eliezer Ilovitz went to Meiron for the shabbos before Lag Baomer and has been missing since Shabbos morning davening. Search and rescue efforts were done by police but at this point they are not a serious part of the search. As you can imagine the family is extrememly distraught and doing the best they can. While this is occuring another major calamity hit the family. A massive forest fire on Lag Baomer completely burnt down Moshav Mevoh Modiin also known as the Carlebach Moshav where the family lived. Their home with all of their belongings burnt down to the ground! Besides for the immediate cost of taking care of the children while their mother is searching for her husband, the family now needs to replace everything they have lost, as well as the ballooning cost of keeping a privately funded search going.

Please daven for the safe return of Moshe Eliezer ben Pearl Malkah Henny and lets open our wallets and support them financially during this crisis.

Above all please keep davening for Moshe Eliezer ben Pearl Malkah Henny.

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