A mother of five, cannot pay her medical treatments

Dear Sisters and Brothers, I'm writing to you on behalf of my dearest friend Sara, who is a young mother of five and is struggling with chronic Lyme and Bartonella. Sara started with Symptoms over 16 years ago. She was diagnosed after a long period of painful tests with Chronic Lyme Disease and since then her immune system became in real bad shape. With the great mercy of G-D, she was finally cured with strong and uneasy treatment and slowly recovered from this life- threatening illness. After she was happily married, things again started to go down the drain. Sara was diagnosed to have a tumor which required immediate surgery. Sara was later operated again twice for other health conditions. She got a severe relapse lately. The Lyme is attacking her own body severely; she developed more symptoms as breathing problems, bladder problems, vision problems, nerve dysfunctions, balance problems, fainting and seizures (Just to name a few)..... Unfortunately most of her available treatments are not covered by her health insurance -since it is a pre existing condition. Dear Brothers and Sisters. Please I beg you don't ignore this painful cry of that family that is almost collapsing, The father is a high school teacher and has to help at home too (besides running around for loans after loans without any plans for paying back yet), The mother herself is struggling with crippling pain and cannot afford to buy her critical needed medications, and get her so critical needed therapy. Those sweet innocent children need a healthy mother that's capable of taking care of them. In this merit of helping out this real needy family, may G-d bless you with health, wealth and all his blessings that you might need. Your sister, Rachel S.

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