Goli Can't Move or Speak - Please Help Her!

Please Help!

Goli is a single, quadriplegic woman, who hasn't been able to move for over 30 years r"l. NOW SHE CANT EVEN SPEAK r"l! She needs YOUR help NOW!

Goli was a normal healthy girl until she turned 12 years old. She developed muscular dystrophy which left her paralyzed for the last 30 years r"l. She is an intelligent and deeply spiritual woman. Despite having many challenges, her positive outlook, bitachon, and radiant smile through it all inspires all those who know her. Using a voice controlled computer, she even served in a supervisory role in a local government agency dedicated to helping people with disabilities.

Very sadly, this past summer she went into a coma. She finally emerged and is awake and aware; however, SHE LOST HER ABILITY TO SPEAK! As a quadriplegic woman, speaking was her only form of communication and way to survive in the world; it was a devastating blow.

Although she is aware of what is going on, she is confined to a bed in a rehab facility, on a vent, and unable to cry for help, to communicate when in pain, or to have her needs met. She is suffering tremendously on a daily basis.

Additionally, due to a lack of resources, she is unfortunately often all alone. Without an ability to speak, it is commonplace for her needs to be neglected.

She is locked up in her own body. You can just imagine how impossibly frustrating and lonely that must feel.

Due to the complexity of her condition, Goli needs full time nursing help. She also needs other expensive technologies that will allow her to communicate again. Currently, without that care and without your help, she will likely continue to suffer!

Please partner with us, open your heart and donate to this urgent cause, which is backed by local Baltimore rabbonim; Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer and Rabbi Moshe Hauer - see their letter below.

Every contribution makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.


If you'd like to contribute with a check, please email brochie26@gmail.com

Thank you in advance!

*Please daven for Golnaz Rivka bas Yaffa.

**If you can join a rotation of weekly visitors, please email npretter@gmail.com


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