Gad Children Emergency Fund: Please Save Our Daddy's Life
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My name is Chana. My husband Assaf is very ill with cancer.

I spend my days with him in the hospital, helping him to cope with his treatments. It has been very painful to see what was once a strong young man become so frail. He has lost his hair. He is barely recognizable.

Our children are, of course, frightened. We do our best to give them a normal life. All of the money that we have has gone toward Assaf's treatments. Now we have to rely on the chesed of strangers who do things like donate their used clothing, or send suppers.

Please, if you can help us, it would mean so much. The cancer itself is painful for all of us. But what is almost most painful is not being able to feed and clothe our gorgeous children. The poverty has gotten to be too much.

Now we can no longer afford the treatments we need to save my husband's life. Please, I am begging you. My kids need their Daddy.

Thank you

Chana Gad

Donations here go towards treatments for Assaf Gad, and providing essentials to his wife & children. ICSN helps them to cover the treatments and medications that are not covered by insurance, as well as other associated costs such as transportation to the hospital. Donations also go toward other families affected by cancer who are struggling to pay for treatments.

ICSN is a non profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization which provides support to patients and families struggling with illness.

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