He's not home. Not at shul. Not working.


He's not home. Not at shul. Not working.

He's not running errands. Nor is he shopping.

He's in a hospital bed. Connected to scary looking pipes and machines.

Strokes happen to other people. Strokes are things you read about when you wait your turn at a regular doctor visit.

Until its your spouse or father who suffers a stroke.

Which is exactly what happened to our close family / friend rl, May he have a refuah shlaima bkarov.

Dear Friends,

A husband and father in a coma means

Bills are piling up

Work hours for the spouse are cut

Savings account is emptied

Fear, worry, anxiety, are building.

Please! Open your hearts. Open your pockets.

Give a family some security. Hand them a thread of hope.

Do it for them. Do it for you. Do it for Hakodush Baruch Hu.

Every little bit matters.

The father who is normally full of cheer and a Talmud Chochom always was very careful on all aspects of Halacha. He never was willing to take a penny from others, even in his hardest times. A true tzaddik!

They are NOW in desperate need of funds to pay their mortgage, medical insurance, and other related expenses. We cannot let them lose their insurance coverage or ch"v their home as well!

The wife is under tremendous pressure to handle the situation, as she became the sole provider for the family, while making sure that her husband is getting the best chances for recovery. Urgent funds are needed NOW until her husband comes home and is fully recuperated.

A group of family friends and Askonim came together to help raise the necessary funds to assist them.

We are asking for your help, just to get through this difficult time and put the family back on their feet.

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