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6-18 Update: Im greatful and touched that we reached our goal of 5000! I'm now on a new goal to raise another 2000. We can do this! Thank you to everyone for your involvment and care.


I'm on a focused, personal mission this week and I'm reaching out for your help.

I've launched a personal, private campaign to raise some funds for a case I personally know amongst my network of friends.

A single hardworking mother is marrying off her last daughter and is in need of some additional funds to do so. I'm going to do what I can to put together $7000 dollars for them by next week.

I've chosen to skip writing a sob story. I value our friendship and I'm reaching out because I think your someone who recognizes and understands how important it is that we care for one another in times need and I think you would be someone who can really help and make a difference.

There are two simple ways to help.

1. Any donation is deeply appreciated. If each person reading this were able to donate $100 we would be done by the end of the day, but of course each and every donation is genuinely appreciated.

2. Become an ambassador for the campaign. If you're up for 2 minutes worth of work I've prepped a simple message for you to copy and paste to share with 2 or more contacts through any medium. This goes a lot further than you think. As the amount of online fundraising grows it becomes harder to gain attention and care for individual campaigns.

I deeply appreciate your help and I look forward to sharing in simchas and lots of joyous moments together.

Ambassador Letter:


I'm on a personal, short mission to help out a friend this week.

We are putting together 5000 dollars to help a single mother marry off her last daughter.

I've kept this short because I value your time and our friendship.

We are raising the funds from a few people we know and we hope to be able to reach our goal through a week of focused outreach to caring people like yourself.

I'd be touched and grateful if you would be able to join in the cause.

I know Ben Rohr who has launched this campaign and I trust he will take care of the funds appropriately.

If you would like more information I'd be glad to put you in touch with Ben directly, just let me know.

Donations can be made here:

Thank you enough for being a part of this. May there be many more people in the world like you.

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