Illness, Foreclosure & Embarrassment Are Crushing Our Family!

We are a large family and suffering an unbearable & terrible crisis since our youngest child was diagnosed witha terrible illness.My husband is working under heavy stress all day and still can not bring home enough to make ends meet. Recently, I received a few calls from concerned friends of my husband saying he's is looking way too worried and nervous at work.

Our bills & expenses are way beyond any amount what we can possibly bring in & it's very embarrassing for us since we were once able to support ourselves without having to resort to any outside help. Recently, the tension in the home has become very overwhelming. Our home just went into foreclosure & it's affecting us way beyond what you can imagine. There is simply no money for anything.Things will hopefully get better soon. However, at this time we have no choice but to turn to you for help.**

I am asking you with tears in my eyes and a heart full of pain to please open your hearts & do whatever you possibly can to help save our family and help us get some things under control.

In the merit of helping us, may Hashem bless you & yours that you should always have everything you need in abundance.

Tizku L Mitzvos!

A Severely Worried Wife & Mother,

*Please understand that I cannot disclose publicly too many details or photos of my family to this campaign as not to cause any additional discomfort to my family. If I would the campaign goal would probably be reached in just hours. For questions or other ways to help us, please email.

Chein Vachesed:

4312 15th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11219 / **memo: family/Illness

Endorsed by Prominent Rabbonim and Askanim

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