For these kids, camp is not a luxury, it's a necessity!
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14-year-old Omri has been suffering from depression since his father tragically died from cancer. Our social workers and loving teachers comfort and support Omri every day, and we’re slowly seeing him return to his bright and happy self.

However, with summer vacation looming, Omri’s progress has stalled. During the summer, we don’t have school, and Omri is worried about being back home where he won’t have much to do.

Without school to keep him busy, Omri’s depression will get stronger.

Luckily, Boys Town Jerusalem has a summer camp.

Whether it’s sports, swimming, or fun trips to the zoo, our camp is a necessity for boys like Omri. Not only do we provide fun activities throughout the day, but each boy gets food, sleeping accommodations, and even tutoring to help him prepare for the upcoming school year.

“Summer vacation can be a catastrophe for these boys who face violence, loneliness, and the pain of poverty each and every day,” admits Rabbi Rosencrantz. “Our summer camp is truly a lifesaver.”

While Omri’s family can’t afford the cost of camp, you can send Omri to camp for just $360!

Donate now to help Omri and other boys like him.

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