Strengthening The Education Of Our Children

Yeshivat Kol Yaakov and Bnot Yaakov are the future of Great Necks Torah community. With two separate schools under one umbrella, were the heart of our community and its our talmidim who will grow into our communitys leaders.

As we complete our ninth year, we are proud of our academic excellence in both Judaic and secular studies, our inspirational programming and dedicated staff. With your support, we can take our community schools to the next level of excellence. Support us today so that we can continue to provide a superior education to our children and enable them to take the reigns as Great Necks future Rabbanim, mechanichim, Teachers, doctors, lawyers and businessmen. Kol Yaakov and Bnot Yaakov students are the key to our communitys growth; they will perpetuate our values and assure our future.

Our generous supporters have come together to match your contribution. For every $1 you contribute to our schools, we will receive $2. Please give generously. No one can afford to shirk this noble responsibility thinking someone else will give in their stead or that their contribution is too small or insignificant. No contribution is too small and all support is significant and needed. We need your contribution for all of our futures.

May Hashem bless us with continued success, may we continue to see nahat from all our children and may your generous support be a zekhut for continued participation in Great Necks Torah community in health and happiness.

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