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I would like to take a moment to write a few words about my dear brother, Nosen Note ah

My brother Nosen Note ah had a very good, generous personality and we always loved to be around him. He just had an unbelievable, easy going vibe and it would shine from him.
He loved to learn and would always ask me to learn with him. He would learn with tremendous Chayos and would say the words very loud.
He was also very concerned that we should have a good time and would try convincing me to go out to a good restaurant or good trip to Israel or somewhere else. Whenever I told him I that I went somewhere or did something he was extremely excited and wanted to know details. If I missed out on something good he would always bring it up.
In short, he was very concerned that we had what we needed and more ,
פשוט א געשמאק אז ביי יענעם איז גוט ,ער האט פארגינט
May we learn from him not to be jealous of other people And be rejoice in someone elses success,


My grandmother Mrs. Bluma Tzfasman AH was the daughter of R' Chaim Ezra who was known as Ezra Hasofer who wrote the תפילין for the רביים . He was the son of R' Velval Bronstein, who was a בינוני of the תניא

I would like to share a few memories about my grandmother. She was very involved in Mivtzoim,

almost every day she would travel with a few of her friends to families who were not so observant in Judaism and would go talk with them about Judaism and give them Shabbos candles to light. I remember the days that she was not feeling so well and was not able to go on mivtoim, she would be very unhappy that she was not able to go that day and all her plans and things she had to do always had to fit in that it would not take away from her going on Mivtzoim.

My Bubby was also very into Moshiach and talk about it a lot. She was always warm and making sure we had what to eat and everything we need. May we learn from her ways in how to have a קאך in the Rebbes ענינים

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